Paul Arney started The Ale Apothecary in 2011 in the woods outside of Bend, Oregon, with a goal to tie the brewery to the land and create a beer with a sense of place. Beer maker, Connor Currie joined him soon after and together the two began making small-batch beer using raw, soft water from the ground and wild, airborne yeasts from the trees. Every batch is naturally carbonated with Oregon honey or fruit juice rather than processing aids. They specialize in long-term oak barrel-aged beer, but also produce a wide variety of wild ales and historically-inspired one-offs.

Because of the unique brewing process, Ale Apothecary beers have complex flavor profiles that differ from your everyday beer. Each batch varies in flavor with hints of tartness from the fruit and raw ingredients they use, similar to wine. This is a great beer for wine lovers.

Published On: November 16th, 2023

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