Partnership with the Dry Farming Institute

Partnership with the Dry Farming Institute

We are excited to partner with the Dry Farming Institute whose mission is to empower farmers to thrive with less water. A truly noble pursuit today and one we all need to understand.

Partnership with the Dry Farming Institute

Per the Institute: “Dry farming is often described as crop production without irrigation during a dry season, usually in a region that receives at least 20 inches (50 cm) of annual rainfall, and utilizes the moisture stored in the soil from the rainy season. A broader definition of dry farming is a low-input, place-based approach to producing crops within the constraints of your climate. As we define it, a dry-farmed crop is irrigated once or not at all

Oregon agriculture relies on our soils, sun and rain to maximize the health and quality of seasonal crops. As our local climate shifts, and becomes drier (something that is often hard to grasp West of the Cascades), farms will face challenges with water supply and increased competition for that water by population growth. One solution is gaining attention as a viable path for today and the years ahead; dry farming.

With deep historical roots across varied cultures, desert farmers around the world have evolved their practices to grow crops with little to no irrigation or rainfall.

Using less water to grow crops results in produce that inherently has a longer shelf life and offers richer flavors than conventionally irrigated crops. More flavor, environmentally respectful and from local family farms is a win for all of us.

Market of Choice is committed to working with Oregon State University, the Dry Farming Institute and innovative farmers like Groundworks Organics to expand their potential crop yields and adjust to climate change by evaluating the dry farming option. Later in the summer of 2024 we hope to bring the first dry farmed produce to your stores including tomatoes, squash and more.

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