MOC We Support Local

When you shop with us, you’re choosing to support an independent, family-owned and operated Oregon grocery store that carries more than 7,000 local products and employs more than 1,300 Oregonians.

In addition to buying local so you can shop local, we help many food and beverage makers get off the ground by offering them professional advice, assisting with product distribution, and lifting them up to help them realize their business dreams. Visit this thread to see regularly updated stories about our local makers. We love introducing them to you!

This full-circle philosophy of supporting local translates into healthier communities. Because, when you buy local, you’re helping to sustain local businesses, their families and our state’s economy.

At Market of Choice, when we say “local” we primarily mean within the state of Oregon. Secondary would be food and beverage producers, farmers, ranchers and fisher folk from neighboring states who are within driving distance of our Markets.

Visit your Market of Choice and see how many local products you can find!

Published On: July 16th, 2020

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