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Looking to shake things up a bit at breakfast? Granola fans, get ready to spread your wings – there’s a different kind of granola at Market of Choice, made from sprouted buckwheat instead of oats, called Birdseed For Humans, that’s going to take your morning routine to new heights.

Ashley Chase, owner of the Bend-based business since she founded it in 2017, created her unique granola after she was diagnosed with celiac disease and had to completely rethink what she ate.

“I wanted to crack open the mystery of the nutrition label,” she says, “so I decided to make all my food from scratch.”

In the process, she discovered kasha, a gluten-free, grain-alternative, also known as buckwheat groats, which is loaded with healthy prebiotics and plant-based protein. Never mind that her friends teased her that what she was eating looked like birdseed. Ashley kept experimenting until she developed a delicious granola that she was proud of and wanted to share with others.

“Market of Choice was the second grocery store to bring on my product!” Ashley says. Birdseed For Humans is available in three gluten-free flavors, all vegan: Coconut Maple, Turmeric Ginger and Lavender Cacao.

“We represent a new category of granola,” says Ashley, who works closely with her daughter to produce Birdseed For Humans’ granolas. “Our flavors are unique and delicious.”

Give Birdseed For Humans a try the next time you want to enjoy a tasty topping on your yogurt – it’s Ashley’s favorite way to enjoy her granolas and the perfect on-the-go breakfast. Healthy and delicious!

Published On: May 4th, 2022

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