Essance Skincare

Essance Skincare has a mission to source only the best organic, sustainable and fair-trade ingredients to make its natural skincare products. Each of these products is free of artificial color, artificial fragrance, and harmful sulfates and phthalates. That’s by design, says owner Jasmine Tran of her Portland-based business.

“Each product is a powerhouse of organic and medicinal plant ingredients intended to revitalize, heal and protect the skin,” she says.

Essance Skincare’s unique herbal formulations contain chaga mushrooms, rooibos teas, ginseng, dragon’s blood, frankincense and much more, says Jasmine, whose mother taught her at a young age about Chinese medicine benefits and remedies.

While working for a skincare company after she finished college, Jasmine began to experiment with her own formulations, creating vegan products designed to be safe and gentle for all skin types, from sensitive to problematic skin, including acne and eczema.

As a BIPOC and woman business owner, Jasmine says she appreciates the support she receives from Market of Choice.

“I’m impressed with the knowledge and support the team has extended to support us with educating the customers about Essance and our products.”

Find Essance Skincare’s Dragon’s Blood Skincare line in your Market’s Whole Health Department.

Discover more local makers, here.

Published On: August 6th, 2021

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