Grilled Salmon with lemon sauce

Grilled seafood is delicious. From fresh fillets that cook to perfection in minutes to plump prawns just right for skewering with seasonal vegetables to make kebobs, your Market Fishmongers ensure that the highest quality seafood will grace your table. Along with some of our grilling tips, you can rest assured that your seafood dishes will impress.

The freshest is best

Your grilling success starts with our seafood, all of which is sustainably sourced according to the precise standards of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch. Your Market Fishmongers provide seafood recommendations based on sustainability and best-practices for both wild-caught and farmed choices. We work directly with Oregon fisherfolk and source other options through our partnership with Ocean Beauty Seafoods. Look for the easy-to-follow, color-coded indicators on our seafood when you shop.

Grilling tips

Look for fish steaks or firm fillets when choosing fish to grill. Salmon, such as Chinook, Coho and Sockeye, as well as swordfish, tuna, sea bass, mahi mahi, halibut and skewered scallops or prawns all fall into the firm fish category. Ask your Market Fishmonger which are available and will make an excellent choice for grilling. We are happy to answer your questions.

Firmer fish steaks are much easier to maneuver on the grill, using a wide spatula and a deft hand. Be sure to pat your seafood dry, brush the heated grate with oil, and oil and season the fish simply with salt and pepper. You don’t need much to enjoy a smoky barbecue finish!

Thinner, more delicate fillets, such as sole, tilapia or flounder, can easily flake apart while grilling, so wood planks or grill baskets are good choices for keeping the fillets in one piece. Or consider grilling thinner fillets in foil. You can add aromatics, such as herbs and lemon, as well.

Try our recipes or our ready-to-grill options

If you’re looking for more flavor beyond simple seasoning, our Market of Choice recipe collection includes many excellent options for grilled seafood. Here’s a sampling:

Local maker Blue Bus Cultured Foods also provides a delicious Grilled Salmon & Turnips Salad recipe that features its Lemon-Garlic Dill Kraut.

If you’re lacking inspiration but still want to grill, then visit your Market Meat & Seafood Department to see what’s freshly prepared and ready to grill, including marinated shrimp, seasoned fillets, or ready-made kebobs with fresh fish and seasonal vegetables or fruit. Get outside and enjoy grilling season!

Published On: June 9th, 2022

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