Dry January

With the holidays coming to a close, millions of Americans are gearing up for the 31-day sobriety challenge known as Dry January.

What is Dry January? It’s a public health initiative that was originally launched in 2013 by Alcohol Change UK. The challenge is to go alcohol-free for one month as a way to check up on your drinking habits. Completing the challenge also comes with some great benefits to your overall health and wellness.

Many participants report an increase in energy levels, some weight loss, more restful sleep, and improved hair and skin after going alcohol-free for 31 days.

So, if you’re joining the Dry January challenge in 2024, we applaud you! And, the great news is you don’t have to go thirsty to go dry. Your local Market of Choice is stocked with tasty, non-alcoholic adult beverages that will support your sobriety goals.

From CBD drinks to non-alcoholic beers, wines, ready-made cocktails, and Zero Proof spirits for mixing, you’ll find great non-alcoholic drink options right here in the aisles of your favorite Oregon grocer.

Relax With CBD Alternatives

CBD drinks offer refreshing beverages with the relaxing benefits of CBD. These are great for social events where you want to have a drink in hand but don’t want to feel intoxicated. Here are a couple of our favorites to try this January.

Pink Cloud is a low-calorie, low-sugar functional drink made with a splash of real tropical fruit juice, vitamin D and 30mg of broad-spectrum hemp (the functional part of cannabis). Pink Cloud is a good-for-you drink that supports your sobriety goals, and it’s made locally in Portland, Oregon.

Ablis are CBD infused drinks meant for those with an active lifestyle. When you’re craving a burst of sunshine on a rainy day, reach for a non-alcoholic Strawberry Mojito. Or, for a boost of natural energy, a Cranberry Blood Orange shot is the perfect solution. Ablis beverages are healthy, have very little sugar added, and are made locally in Bend, Oregon.

Mix up a Zero Proof Cocktail

If mixing craft cocktails is your passion but you’re dedicated to going dry this January, using Zero Proof mixers in place of hard alcohol is a great way to have your cake and eat it too. These Zero Proof cocktail mixers mimic the complex yet balanced flavors of hard alcohol to give your mixed drink the nuanced flavor you love. Here are some highlights from our favorite Zero Proof cocktail recipes.

For a smoky after-work sipper or whiskey-style cocktail, try this recipe that uses Smoky No. 56 from For Bitter For Worse.

When Gin and Tonic is your go-to, we recommend mixing Grove 42 from Seedlip with a splash of tonic water and a twist of citrus.

During these cold and blustery months, a hot toddy can really warm you up. Try our delicious, non-alcoholic Cinnamon Toddy recipe. It’s just as cozy and satisfying as the classic version, but without the buzz.

Beer for the True-brew

Craft beer fans know how hard it can be to find a good-tasting non-alcoholic version of your favorite brew. Fortunately, there are plenty of master brewers answering the call for better beer without the after effects, and not a minute too soon for Dry January.

Rationale Brewing offers a range of alcohol-free hops-heavy IPAs as well as a classic Mexican Lager. Their goal is to develop your palate for craft beer while helping you maintain an alcohol-conscious lifestyle.

Athletic Brewing Company’s craft beer is made for those who love beer but also have sobriety goals. They have a wide range of craft brews from light IPA to rich, full-bodied dark ales.

Wine and Dine

If you’ve given up hope of finding an alcohol-free wine that actually tastes like wine, we’ve got some makers that will restore your faith.

Making dealcoholized wine is a delicate process, which is the reason why so many of them taste more like alternative beverages with wine-like qualities than wine. Giesen, is changing the dealcoholizing process altogether to preserve more of the nuanced flavors and aromas that get lost in the traditional dealcoholizing method. Their New Zealand non-alcoholic wine is certainly worth sipping.

Luna de Murviedro also makes a delightful non-alcoholic sparkling wine that captures those subtle flavors with just the right amount of bubble.

We also recommend adding Bodegas Aroa and Töst to your list of non-alcoholic wines to try this month.

Grab-and-Go Ready-Made Cocktails

At the end of a long day, it’s nice to have a ready-made cocktail waiting for you in the refrigerator, and going dry in January doesn’t have to mean giving up on that little luxury. Here are some of our favorite convenient and alcohol-free ready-made cocktails to try when you’re going dry.

For Bitter For Worse Rose City Fizz and Eva’s Spritz are playful, fruit-forward sparkling beverages made with fruit juice, spices and elements foraged from nature, such as chamomile or hibiscus flowers and Douglas fir needles. Complex and unique, these spritzers satisfy your taste for an adult beverage without leaving you feeling intoxicated.

Spiritless makes award-winning non-alcoholic spirits that even the most sophisticated connoisseurs will appreciate. We love their pour over pre-mixed cocktail cans because they’re convenient and mimic all of our favorite mixed drinks without the alcohol. Try their Old Fashioned made with non-alcoholic bourbon, a dash of natural cane sugar and chai for spice. If you’re craving a refreshing and fun drink, a classic Spiritless Margarita will hit the mark. This pre-mixed pour over is made with non-alcoholic tequila, a dash of natural cane sugar, fresh lime juice and a pinch of salt.

Going alcohol-free for a month can help you assess your drinking habits and improve your health. And, with a little creativity and some craft drinks on hand, Dry January can be fun too!

Published On: January 4th, 2024

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