Zero Proof Drinks

Coming out of the holiday season, it’s the perfect time of year to make some lifestyle changes or simply pursue healthier choices, which might mean taking a break from drinking alcoholic beverages. Dry January, in fact, is a very real challenge that adults all over the world commit to for an entire month, giving up drinking wine, beer, hard cider and spirits.

Participating in Dry January includes many benefits, including improving your overall mood (alcohol is a depressant), the chance to sleep better and more deeply, even possible weight loss.

A month may seem like a long time, and so you may decide to just drink less alcohol throughout the month, rather than not at all. Whatever your goal, consider January an opportunity to discover the wellspring of nonalcoholic beverage alternatives available at your Market. Choices abound!

Coffee, tea, cocoa

Not only can you order many excellent warm beverages and nutritional smoothies from our Market Barista, but you also will find an incredible selection of delicious organic and herbal teas, as well as rich and warming hot cocoa blends and whole-bean coffees in our grocery aisles. Many of these products are locally produced, including Spella Caffè coffees, Blue Lotus Chai teas, Momo Cocoa and loads more. Try one, try several. They’re sure to warm and satisfy you.

Sparkling waters, juices and sparkling ciders

Flavored sparkling waters make excellent mixers with natural juices for instant mocktails that are refreshing and alcohol-free. Your Market even carries Wyld CBD, a locally made CBD-infused sparkling water, as an option for those who want a little something extra. Sparkling ciders make a great alternative to Champagne, too.

Ginger beers and nonalcoholic brews

Ginger beer is not the same as ginger ale. It is carbonated, yes, but what makes it different is that its blend of ginger, water and sugar is then fermented with yeast, making a refreshing and robust nonalcoholic beverage. Just about the time you may really be hankering for the flavor of your favorite craft beer, try a nonalcoholic brew instead – Crux Fermentation Project in Bend makes an IPA without alcohol.

Kombuchas and tonics

Fans of fermented beverages will find an impressive array of locally made kombuchas, including kombucha, jun and yerba mate blends from the Eugene-based BNF Kombucha & Jun. Plant-based tonics, by Goldthread, include herbs and spices in several wellness blends.

Zero Proof cordials and mixers

By the time you reach the middle of January, the idea of mixing up a mocktail may be just the thing to quench your thirst. The market for mocktail mixers, cordials, even mock spirits, is truly growing, and we carry many of the best, including Som Cordials, Ghia aperitifs, Fever-Tree and Hibisbloom mixers, as well as Seedlip, a nonalcoholic spirit. Check out our collection of tasty Zero Proof drink recipes and start mixing.

It’s always fun to wander your Market’s grocery aisles to see the many nonalcoholic beverages available, but don’t be shy if you need more suggestions. Our Market team members are here to help make your Dry January a success worthy of a toast!

Published On: January 5th, 2022

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