Holiday Recipes Recipes

  • Carlton Farms: Holiday ‘Mock’ Porchetta

    Pork wrapped in pork! This play on “Porchetta” replaces the traditional pork belly with our moist and juicy pork tenderloin. Full of herbs and artfully wrapped in Carlton Farms select bacon, this crowd pleaser is flavorful, filling and fun!

  • Beeler’s Pork: Bourbon Citrus Glazed Ham

    Salty and sweet flavors pair beautifully in this Bourbon Citrus Glazed Ham. The glaze combines bourbon, maple syrup, orange marmalade and spices for a festive and delicious dressing.

  • Beeler’s Pork: Bacon Wrapped Cranberry Sriracha Li’l Bites

    Wrap Beeler’s Pork Cranberry Sriracha Sausage Li’l Bites with Beeler’s Hickory-Smoked Bacon for double the fun, pork lovers. Yum! Be sure to visit Beeler’s Pork for more delicious recipes.

  • Oregon Heritage Farms: Spiced Apple Muffins

    This recipe comes to us from our friends at Oregon Heritage Farms in Hillsboro. Choose local, in-season apples to fully capture that quintessential fall flavor, preferably Jonagold or Honeycrisp.

  • Raspberry Almond Coffee Cake

    Are you or someone one you know counting down the days until raspberry season? Satisfy the craving early with this light and moist raspberry cake. We recommend using frozen, locally grown raspberries for close-to-home quality and taste.

  • Chocolate Hazelnut Babka

    A Jewish traditional bread, this beautiful babka coffee cake with a ribbon of rich, chocolate hazelnut spread is excellent served for breakfast or enjoyed as a midday snack.

  • La Porteña: Provoleta with Mom’s Green Chimichurri

    Our happiest memories of holidays in Argentina are always tied to the food we gathered around. This warm and melty cheese with a crispy crust served on fresh bread and Mom’s Green Chimichurri has always been a favorite in our family.

  • Cardamom Hills Trading Co.: Apricot & Cardamom Chutney Glazed Brussel Sprouts

    This is a perfect fall and winter recipe when brussel sprouts are bright, green, plump and full of flavor.

  • Carlton Farms: Holiday Crown Roast of Pork

    Nothing is more regal than our Crown Roast of Pork. If you want to royally impress your guests, this is a stunning table centerpiece for your holiday meal. Your Majesty would approve.