Market of Choice is a member of the Specialty Coffee Association and the Oregon Coffee Board. As such, we are committed to supporting small, local coffee roasters by carrying their products in our stores. Each of our stores features a collection of coffees focused on roasters from the immediate region, as well as a few outstanding roasters from other parts of the Northwest.

Brewed coffee flavor can be the result of many factors. These include where the bean is grown, the variety of the coffee plant (Geisha, Yellow Bourbon, Caturra, SL28, etc.), the process (washed, honey, natural), fermentation and drying, the roast profile, de-gassing, freshness, the brewing method, even the water used for brewing.

Many of those factors are out of the consumer’s control but purchasing from local roasters known for their high-quality beans helps to ensure that quality fills your coffee cup. Factors that can be controlled are freshness, de-gassing and brewing methods, including the water used. Coffee beans develop carbon dioxide during the roasting process. De-gassing that carbon dioxide takes 3-5 days. Coffee also interacts with the environment and will get stale. Rest assured, your Market of Choice regularly rotates its coffee selections to maintain optimum freshness for customers.

When it’s time to brew that perfect cup, Oregon tap water is a great choice; however, it is best to filter out the chlorine when possible. Water temperature should reach approximately 200°F (within a gradient of 195°-205°F) for proper chlorine extraction. Ideally, your coffee beans of choice should be ground with a burr grinder just before brewing.

Each Market of Choice will have an individual selection of roasters to meet the needs of customers. Some of the roasters you may find include:

Try several or try them all. Ask your Market Beverage Steward for recommendations. They’ll be happy to suggest the perfect coffee roasts to suit your preferences.

Published On: April 6th, 2022

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