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Rebecca Church learned to roast coffee beans from her grandfather who began small batch roasting in the 1990s as a hobby (before it was cool). He soon found himself roasting for local coffee shops, and the hobby became a small business which he named after his wife, Odolla. After ten years, grandpa retired. Then in 2017, Rebecca and her husband chose to revive the old roastery using a small batch handcrafted Diedrich coffee roaster from Idaho, and the techniques they learned from her grandfather. Odolla Coffee Roasters now supplies small batch roasted coffee to grocery stores and coffee shops across the state of Oregon. 

Odolla Coffee is unique in that, regardless of how dark the roast, it is never bitter. Using only the highest quality coffee beans from around the world, every batch is manually roasted in small quantities to ensure every bag is exceptionally fresh and bursting with uniquely smooth flavor. It is best enjoyed with a good book. 

Odolla Coffee Roasters is a woman-owned and operated, third-generation family business. Doing their part to tread lightly on the planet, they repurpose coffee chaff and burlap in local gardens. 

“Market of Choice helped us grow our business exponentially. They were the first grocery store to try our coffee when we started back up and saw great potential in us.”

Published On: August 30th, 2023

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