Meaningful Marketplace

The Meaningful Marketplace is a podcast that focuses on stories of hope and inspiration from food startups in Oregon and from around the world. As a proud sponsor of the podcast, Market of Choice invites you to tune in each week for a new episode to learn more about the people who create the products on our store shelves.

The podcast is hosted by two leaders in the Oregon food industry: Sarah Masoni, Director of Product and Process Development at the Oregon State University Food Innovation Center, and Sarah Marshall, Founder of Marshall’s Haute Sauce.

Since launching the podcast in 2019, The Meaningful Marketplace has been shining a spotlight on local food and beverage makers, with a special focus on women entrepreneurs as well as LGBTQ+ and BIPOC makers. So far, they’ve recorded 70 episodes exploring the origins and health benefits of a wide variety of products.

“We love helping to tell the stories of female food entrepreneurs and connecting them to customers and other amazing business owners,” Sarah Marshall says. “Over these two years, we’ve had the privilege of meeting some of the strongest, hardworking, creative women in our community.”

John Boyle, Merchandising Manager at Market of Choice, says the podcast is a great way to learn more about the people behind the food and better understand what has inspired them to follow their dreams as Oregon entrepreneurs.

“I love the stories from the makers,” John says. “It’s always so incredibly motivating and adds some optimism to our challenging world.”

“Our sponsorship of the podcast is closely aligned with our values and efforts to provide mentorship, distribution solutions and amplification of local makers, particularly Women, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ makers, through our MOJO and Amplify programs,” John says.

Sarah Marshall says they are appreciative of the support, adding: “We are so thankful for Market of Choice. Because of the support of the brand, we can continue lifting up and highlighting local women in food.”

Published On: February 12th, 2021

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