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Special Savings for Medford Shoppers

Deals and discounts up and down every aisle — just for our Medford neighbors. These exclusive weekly prices are valid only in our Medford store. Welcome in!

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Quantity / WeightSale PriceRegular PriceSavingsAttributes
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast1lb2.996.99$4.00 Local
Fresh Ground Peanut Butter1lb3.495.99$2.50
Organic Persian Cucumbers1lb3.993.99$0.00
Hermiston Sweet Onions1lb1.492.99$1.50
Tejava Tea Select Varieties +Deposit1lt 2/ 5.003.99$1.49 KETO, Plant Based, Vegan
Nixie Sparkling Water 8pk Select Varieties +Deposit12oz5.996.99$1.00 Organic, G-Free, KETO, Plant Based, Vegan
Essential Everyday Cheese Select Varieties8oz1.993.79$1.80
Pfriem Brewing 6p +Deposit Select Varieties12oz10.9913.49$2.50 Local
Bone In Pork Chops1lb2.996.99$4.00
Market Made Marinated Beef Kabobs1lb12.9915.99$3.00
Raw Peeled & Deveined Shrimp 16/20ct1lb6.9910.99$4.00
2Towns Cosmic Crisp 6pk +Deposit Select Varieties12oz12.9917.49$4.50 Local
Community Cellars Pinot Gris750ml14.9919.99$5.00 Local
Bubbles Project Cava Brut & Rose750ml10.9916.99$6.00
Cameron Pinot Noir Cuvee Etienne750ml33.9933.99$0.00 Local
1lb Strawberries1lb3.494.99$1.50
Yellow Peaches and Nectarines1lb2.994.99$2.00
Sweet Corn1ea 5/ 5.00 2/$3.00$0.50
Portobello Mushrooms1lb5.997.99$2.00
Driscolls Rainbow Berries7oz6.997.99$1.00
Mexican Street Corn Snack Mix1lb9.9912.19$2.20
Organic Dried Mango Slices1lb13.9915.99$2.00 Organic
Berry Good Trail Mix1lb8.9910.2$1.80
Victoria's cake8in24.9931.99$7.00
Snickerdoodle Cookies6ct5.996.99$1.00
Holm Made Toffee4oz7.498.99$1.50 Local, G-Free
Camp Free Books1ea19.9922.95$3.50
Sweet & Spicy Pork Tenderloin with Mango Salsa1lb13.9913.99$0.00 G-Free
Summer Rainbow Kale Salad1lb13.9913.99$0.00 G-Free
Mandarin Noodle Salad1lb10.9910.99$0.00 Vegan
Market Kitchen Organic Roasted Whole Chickens1ea16.9916.99$0.00 G-Free
Bellentani Prosciutto1lb17.9918.99$1.00 G-Free
Lesley Stowes Raincoast Crisps5.3oz7.998.99$1.00
Rose City Pepperheads12oz8.999.99$1.00 Local
Rogue Creamery Crater Lake Blue1lb28.9938.99$10.00 Local
Coro Salami Piccolos5oz11.9914.99$3.00 KETO
Laura Chenel Mini Goat Logs4oz5.996.99$1.00
Suzi's Lavender Body Care Products 20%Off1ea11$0.00
Camamu Soap 20%Off1ea11$0.00
Jarrow Jarro-Dophilus EPS 25%Off120ct37.4949.99$12.50 KETO
Ener-C Sugar Free 20%Off5.67oz12.7915.99$3.20 G-Free, Plant Based
Smarty Pants Gummie Vitamins 20%Off120ct29.5936.99$7.40 Organic
Boiron SinusCalm 30%Off60ct9.4413.49$4.05
Momo's Bean to Bliss 20%Off1oz7.999.99$2.00 Organic, G-Free, CBD, Plant Based, Vegan
Cure Hydration 20%Off2.1oz11.9914.99$3.00
PYM Mood Support 20%Off20ct12.3915.49$3.10 Vegan
Think Sport Sunscreen 20%Off1ea11$0.00
Good Day Chocolate Mood Support Supplements 20%Off8ct2.793.49$0.70
Jason Natural Products for Men 25%Off16oz7.999.99$2.00
You Need This Snack Almond Flour Crackers Select Varieties3.5oz3.394.39$1.00 G-Free, Plant Based
Basset & Lab Wet Cat Food Select Varieties3oz1.391.59$0.20
Base Culture Bread Select Varieties15oz7.499.69$2.20
Buddy Fruit Squeeze Select Varieties3.2oz1.191.39$0.20
Death Wish Coffee Select Varieties10oz13.4916.49$3.00 Organic, Local
Flour + Water Pasta Select Varieties16oz4.996.19$1.20 Organic
Good Idea Sparkling Water Select Varieties +Deposit12oz2.192.79$0.60
Melinda's Ranch Sauce Select Varieties12oz5.396.69$1.30
Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray Select Varieties5oz7.598.59$1.00
Ya Oaxaca Mole Heat & Serve Mole Sauce Select Varieties12oz5.997.29$1.30 Organic
Boulder Canyon Chips Select Varieties6oz 2/ 7.004.29$0.79 G-Free
Boneyard UltraPop Craft Soda Select Varieties +Deposit12oz 3/ 4.001.79$0.46 Local
BeGOAT Clean Energy Drink Select Varieties +Deposit12oz 2/ 4.002.99$0.99 Local
Daytrip Prebiotic Soda Select Varieties +Deposit12oz 2/ 4.002.99$0.99 Organic
Luna Bar Select Varieties1.69oz 2/ 3.002.29$0.79 G-Free
Woodstock BBQ Sauce Select Varieties18oz4.495.99$1.50 Organic, G-Free, Plant Based, Vegan
Mission Tortilla Chips Select Varieties11oz 2/ 5.004.19$1.69 G-Free
Barbara's Cereal Select Varieties11oz3.995.49$1.50 Plant Based, Vegan
Quaker Instant Oatmeal 8-10 pk Select Varieties12.1oz3.996.49$2.50
Blue Diamond Nut Thins Select Varieties4.25oz 2/ 7.004.69$1.19 G-Free, Plant Based, Vegan
Eat Meati Vegan Protein 2pk Select Varieties8.8oz7.498.99$1.50
Malk Plant-Based Milk Select Varieties28oz5.997.49$1.50 Organic, G-Free
Icelandic Provisions Skyr Select Varieties5.3oz1.992.69$0.70
Wayfare Pudding 4pk Select Varieties16oz5.997.49$1.50 G-Free, Plant Based
Kevita Sparkling Probiotic Drink Select Varieties +Deposit15.2oz2.993.99$1.00 Organic
Daisy Cottage Cheese Select Varieties6oz 2/ 3.002.29$0.79 G-Free
Schaller & Weber Wieners9oz6.697.99$1.30
Udi's Buns Select Varieties6ct4.496.49$2.00 G-Free
Essential Everyday Waffles Select Varieties12.3oz2.393.29$0.90
Daily Harvest One-Step-Prep Food Select Varieties11.6oz9.3911.79$2.40 Organic
Outshine Frozen Fruit Bars 6pk Select Varieties14.7oz4.996.49$1.50 G-Free, Plant Based, Vegan
Vive Organic Wellness Shot Select Varieties2oz2.993.59$0.60 Organic, G-Free, KETO
Sukhi's Indian Street Wrap Select Varieties5.5oz2.993.79$0.80
Olipop Prebiotic Soda Select Varieties +Deposit12oz1.992.59$0.60 G-Free, Plant Based, Vegan
Kite Hill Pasta Select Varieties9oz6.998.99$2.00 Plant Based, Vegan
Gateaux Cake Select Varieties27.2oz9.9913.99$4.00 Local
Umpqua Ice Cream Select Varieties1.5qt4.996.99$2.00 Local
Yasso Frozen Yogurt Treats Select Varieties14oz6.398.39$2.00 G-Free
GoodPop Ice Pops 4-6 ct. Select Varieties14oz4.996.29$1.30 Organic, G-Free, Plant Based, Vegan
Keto Pint Ice Cream Bars Select Varieties1pt5.997.29$1.30 G-Free
Eternal Artesian Water +Deposit1.5lt2.482.79$0.31 KETO, Plant Based, Vegan
Bonne Maman Preserves Select Varieties13oz5.496.99$1.50 G-Free, Plant Based, Vegan
Bob's Red Mill Flour Select Varieties5lb3.995.49$1.50 Local, Plant Based, Vegan
C2O Coconut Water Select Varieties +Deposit17.5oz 2/ 5.002.99$0.49 Plant Based, Vegan
Milkadamia Plant-Based Milk Select Varieties32oz4.995.89$0.90 KETO, Plant Based, Vegan
Polar Seltzer Select Varieties1lt10/ 10.001.59$0.59 KETO, Plant Based, Vegan
Chips Ahoy Cookies Select Varieties13oz3.995.99$2.00
Best Foods Mayonnaise Select Varieties30oz4.998.99$4.00 G-Free, KETO
Grey Poupon Mustard Select Varieties8oz3.994.99$1.00 KETO, Plant Based, Vegan
Wild Harvest Refried Beans Select Varieties16oz1.992.79$0.80 Organic, G-Free, Plant Based, Vegan
McCormick Taco Seasoning Mix Select Varieties1oz 4/ 5.001.69$0.44 KETO, Plant Based, Vegan
Cloverdale Bacon Select Varieties12oz5.696.49$0.80 G-Free
Wild Harvest Organic UHT Milk Select Varieties64oz4.696.49$1.80 Organic
Tillamook Yogurt Select Varieties6oz10/ 10.001.49$0.49 Local
Kurzhal Family Kickin' Pickles Select Varieties24oz15.9916.99$1.00 Local, G-Free
Essential Everyday Steamable Vegetables Select Varieties12oz10/ 10.002.79$1.79 KETO, Plant Based, Vegan
Simply Potatoes Hashbrowns Select Varieties20oz 2/ 7.004.59$1.09 G-Free, Plant Based, Vegan
Umpqua Sour Cream Select Varieties1pt2.793.99$1.20 Local, KETO