Tucked into the hills of rural Hood River, Poole Family Farms has found its niche growing fresh produce, including mouthwatering cherries that ripen on the tree every summer. As one of our valued Dig Local partners, Poole Family Farms is a small family business fully focused on growing the sweetest produce possible.

“We started planting cherries when I was just a youngster. Our family fell in love over the years, being able to provide that local and fresh connection to customers,” says Adam Poole, who oversees the farm’s produce sales. “It’s a challenging business to be in, but we wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

Founded in 1946 by grandparents Denton and Gladys Poole, the homestead and orchard grew to include a wide variety of produce-producing trees. Adam’s parents, Don and Cindy Poole, took over the farm in 1979 and are still actively involved in the farm’s operations.

Adam has missed only one cherry season in his lifetime, when he and his wife Grace were living in Brazil. From their children to “Papa and Grammie Poole,” the whole family is involved with some aspect of the farm, where cherries are picked, packaged and make their way to the hands of customers within a few short days.

Adam and Grace’s son Micah is the farm’s packing house manager, working alongside three of his siblings to pack and ship their produce, which we help to distribute to our various Market of Choice stores in Oregon—it’s one family business working with another family business to ensure that customers reap the delicious rewards.

“It’s not some big corporation or anything, it’s really just our family getting it done,” says Micah. “Our business truly is a family business.”

“Market of Choice has helped us out tremendously over the years,” Adam says. “Probably about 12 to 14 years ago, they gave us a shot as a local, small grower and that opened the door to us being able to distribute to other Market of Choice stores. So, it’s just a huge blessing to our family.”

“The cherries we grow, pack and distribute are grown with love and the utmost care … and we hope that shows in the bag of cherries that you see at Market of Choice.”

Published On: August 5th, 2022

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