BBQ Roast Beef & Cheddar Sandwich

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Hot BBQ Cheddar

Our hot BBQ Roast Beef & Cheddar is a hit with our families. It’s a fun and fast recipe to make with children, and everyone will love the fresh local cheese, burger buns, and barbecue sauce with freshly sliced roast beef. Serve with one of our many French fry options and you’ll have a winner winner roast beef dinner in no time!

Serves: 4
Difficulty: easy
Prep time: 20 minutes
Cook time: 10-15 minutes


1.5 lb thinly sliced deli roast beef
4 MoC Burger buns, split
2 T butter
½ c Barbecue Sauce
½ c Rocket Sauce*
1 recipe Creamy MoC Cheddar Sauce*

Rocket Sauce
1/3 c Portland ketchup
2 t warm water
¼ t each onion powder and garlic powder
2 t Worcestershire sauce
Pinch salt and pepper
1 t apple cider vinegar

Creamy MoC Cheddar Sauce
¼ c whole milk or half and half
1 c (4 oz) MoC House Cheddar, shredded
1 c (4 oz) American cheese slices, torn into pieces
Pinch paprika


Heat butter in large nonstick skillet over medium heat, placing buns cut side down in pan until golden brown and toasted evenly, 1 min. Remove from pan and keep warm. Add roast beef and barbecue sauce to skillet and toss just to warm through. Spread 2 T Rocket Sauce on bottom bun (invert buns if desired to have toasted side turned out). Divide hot roast beef among sandwiches and top with hot Creamy MoC Cheddar Sauce. Add top bun and serve immediately with freshly baked sweet potato fries, as desired.

Rocket Sauce
Combine all well. Store chilled in airtight container until ready to use.

Creamy MoC Cheddar Sauce
Heat milk in small sauce pan just until bubbling gently. Add cheeses
and paprika, stirring gently until smooth, 1 minute. Use immediately
(can be made ahead and warmed gently when ready to use).