HAB Sauce: Baked HAB Spicy Sweet Soy Sauce Kimchi Chicken

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HAB Sauce Chicken

Recipe from HAB SAUCE

This chicken comes out so good! It’s definitely comfort food. I’ve been making this recipe for years using homemade kimchi. I made a special dinner one evening after Matt Choi passed and it was that more special to eat. I’m going to make it with Choi’s Kimchi from now on.

My family makes chicken for Thanksgiving because it’s so much quicker and we need the oven for all the crazy amounts of sides we cook.

Serves 3-4 people.


6-8 chicken thighs
2 tbsns EVOO & 2 1/2 tbsn HAB Sauce Spicy Sweet Soy Sauce
1/2 jar of any Kimchi
steamed rice


Preheat oven to 425 degrees

Pat dry 6-8 chicken thighs

Cover with 2 tbsns EVOO & 2 1/2 tbsn HAB Sauce Spicy Sweet Soy Sauce or more if you love saucey chicken

Rub the sauce into the chicken

Pour 1/2 jar of any Kimchi over the chicken. I love to use Choi’s Kimchi. You can also use more Kimchi. It’s just that much more delicious

Spread the kimchi out under and over the chicken, rub it into the chicken really well

Bake in dutch oven or 2″ deep oven pan uncovered for 1 hour

Remove chicken from the oven

Let rest in pan for 5 minutes

Serve over steamed rice

Don’t forget to add the extra juice in the pan on top of your rice