Partner Recipes

  • For Bitter For Worse: Smoky Mary

    The Bloody Mary's wiser, more experienced sister. Savory and restorative.

  • For Bitter For Worse: Love Wins

    The Saskatoon takes on a classic sour! If berries could wear maroon velvet and smooch with abandon, this is what they'd drink.

  • For Bitter For Worse: Baby I Love Your Way

    A champagne cocktail, but more flirtatious! Eva's Spritz made lush and luscious (and just a touch sweeter), with rose cordial.

  • Almond Cashew Sauce Noodles

    This easy and tasty vegan dish comes together quickly. Serve with your choice of protein and seasonal vegetables, like tofu, shiitake mushrooms and rainbow chard. In summer, these noodles taste great chilled.

  • Sibeiho: Sambal Salmon

    Marinated first, then broiled on high for a crispy skin-finish, this salmon is lip-smacking delicious. The marinade combines honey, soy sauce and Sibeiho OMG! Sambal. Yum!

  • Danielle’s Sauces: Chiliyaki Salmon

    Give your next fresh salmon fillet an extra spicy kick by combining melted butter with Danielle’s Sauces Chilyaki Spicy Teriyaki, then brushing the sauce mixture onto the salmon as it finishes cooking.

  • Koa Roots: Sweet & Spicy Passion Fruit Butter-Glazed Wings

    These sweet and spicy chicken wings are the perfect dish for your game-day party. Full of flavor and easy to make, they are sure to score points with guests!

  • Flourish Spices African Food: Akara Pancake Crepes

    Made with a bean-based flour, Akara Pancake Mix combined with ripe plantains and water creates a delicious savory batter that cooks up easily.

  • GoNanas: Banana Bread Pancakes

    GoNanas Original Banana Bread Mix is perfect for whipping up these tasty and fluffy vegan and gluten-free pancakes. Yum!