Danielle’s Sauces: Chiliyaki Salmon

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Danielles Chiliyaki Salmon


Give your next fresh salmon fillet an extra spicy kick by combining melted butter with Danielle’s Sauces Chilyaki Spicy Teriyaki, then brushing the sauce mixture onto the salmon as it finishes cooking.

Makes: one salmon fillet
Prep time: 5-10 minutes
Cook time: 18-20 minutes


1 fresh salmon fillet
salt and pepper
juice of a fresh lemon
Danielle’s Sauces Chiliyaki Spicy Teriyaki


Lightly sprinkle fresh salmon fillet with salt and pepper, then squeeze lemon juice over the fish.

Grill or bake the salmon until about 80% done. While the salmon is cooking, melt butter and mix with Danielle’s Sauces Chiliyaki Spicy Teriyaki. When the salmon is about 80% cooked, paint the fish with the sauce mix. This will create a wonderful glaze. Cover the salmon loosely with foil for the final cooking stage to keep the fish moist and prevent the sauce from burning.

Serve immediately, with additional Danielle’s Sauces Chiliyaki Spicy Teriyaki on the side.