After noticing a lack of premium ice cream novelties in her local grocery store, Lisa Herlinger set out to elevate the ice cream sandwich to new heights. In 2004 she launched Ruby Jewel in two flavors: Lemon Lavender and Chocolate Mint, which went on to win the “America’s Food Fight” culinary competition at the OSU Food Innovation Center. Lisa used the prize money to purchase Ruby Jewel’s first production facility and packaging design. A year later their premium classic chocolate chip cookies with vanilla bean ice cream became available on grocer’s shelves in Portland, Oregon. 

From there, the Ruby Jewel Company continued to grow; “Jewel Box” freezers began appearing in venues across the Pacific Northwest, and with the advent of an even larger production facility, Ruby Jewel Premium Ice Cream Sandwiches (now with four new seasonal flavors) became available nationwide. Ruby Jewel continues to innovate and look forward to releasing more exciting new flavors soon. 

Ruby Jewel uses premium, locally sourced, clean ingredients to create an ice cream treat that is unapologetically indulgent. Look for your favorite Ruby Jewel flavor in the freezer aisle at your local Market of Choice.

Published On: September 1st, 2023

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