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When Eryn Domeyer and her husband, Mike, bought their first boat, they had planned on using it for sport. However, they soon found themselves entering and winning tournaments. As the couple further immersed themselves in the fishing community, they realized that much of the premium albacore tuna that local fishers were landing was being exported rather than sold within the region.

This sobering awareness inspired Eryn and Mike to consider turning commercial, with a goal of using their sustainable hook-and-line fishing methods to catch and sell premium seafood to local communities. Providing a living wage to fishers is also a priority for the small, family-owned business who employs coastal-dwelling fishers.

“We are invested in supporting our community with jobs and healthy, sustainable food,” Eryn says.

Tre-Fin fishes with great intention, targeting only healthy, native populations of albacore and ground fish with methods unique to the fishing industry. Their business model is built on practices and principles that are better for fishers, fisheries, consumers, and the environment as a whole. Unlike many other suppliers, Tre-Fin controls their supply chain, which allows them to fish, processes and distribute their catch, all within the same day.

“We hope we’re leading a movement, a quiet revolution… that will become an overhaul of our entire industry. It all begins with our connection to nature’s resources and bounty.”

Published On: March 24th, 2023

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