What's On The Grill

What's On The Grill

What’s On The Grill

We feel the temps warming and that signals that it is time to start grilling. In every Savories, and on our Facebook and Instagram pages, from June 2 to August 25, we’ll have grill ready offerings, our favorite grill worthy foods and recipe ideas to make summer easy and delicious. You’ll find most of these grilling delights in our Meat and Seafood department and a few in Produce. Have your grill ready, keep an eye out for each Savories grilling item and be ready to enjoy summer with what’s on the grill.

And, to make summer more delicious, enter to win a Yeti Roadie Cooler at your Market of Choice! See rules here.

Fresh Salmon with Fennel, Lemon and Butter

Our whole grilled fresh salmon is super easy to make, and more importantly, delicious. Simply add the fennel, lemon and butter and grill to flaky perfection. Serve it with grilled bread and a fresh local green salad for an excellent Oregon meal. Find the full recipe here.

Keto Greek Chicken Skewers with Mezze

Your local Market of Choice makes keto cooking easy with a fresh and easy Greek skewer recipe. Simply cube, marinate, skewer, and grill the chicken. Serve with items from our Mezze Bar, like delicious baba ghanoush, tzatziki sauce, feta, and Greek olives. A classic tomato, cucumber, and onion salad is perfect alongside. Find the full recipe here.

Coffee Rubbed New York Steaks with Bourbon Butter Sauce

Our recipe for coffee rubbed steak starts with Oregon espresso roast ground coffee beans, which add a sublime flavor to these delicious steaks. For sides, we’ve grilled some sweet onions and fresh mushrooms, and toasted our MoC garlic bread for a fast and unforgettable meal. Find the full recipe here.

Halibut Steaks with Sicilian Herb Marinade

Fresh halibut just can’t be beat, and this Sicilian preparation takes it to a new level (the marinade is also excellent on other white fish, shrimp, and chicken). Simply combine herbs, olive oil and vinegar in a processor for fish marinade, reserving half of the mixture to pour over when plating. Serve with lots of lemons, arugula and some toasty bread for an excellent meal. Find the full recipe here.

Al Pastor Pork Chops with Peach Honey Habanero Slaw

Our Al Pastor Pork Chops taste fantastic and are super simple to prepare. Here we have topped them with a Peach Honey Habanero Slaw made with local fruit, honey and Portland’s Secret Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce. Just add some warm tortillas and cold beer for a fast meal off the grill. Find the full recipe here.

Peanut Butter Pickle Burger

Peanut butter and pickles are magic on a burger! This unlikely combo has quickly become a restaurant favorite, and it’s so easy to make at home. We’ve used freshly ground MoC peanut butter found in our Bulk department, Oregon Brine Works Pickles, and our freshly ground beef prepared daily in your Market Meat & Seafood department. Top it off with some bacon and our fresh Market Bakery burger buns for a new flavor adventure that’s sure to become a favorite around the grill! Find the full recipe here.

Win A Yeti Cooler!

Enter to win a Yeti Roadie Cooler at your Market of Choice. Simply visit Block and Blade, the Meat and Seafood Department, tear off an entry form from the pad you’ll find on the counter by the green Yeti Roadie, fill out the form and drop it in the cooler.

Rules: One entry per person per visit, but you may enter the contest every time you visit the store. There will be 1 winner per store and the drawing will be held on 8/11. Entry forms must be filled out completely to be valid. Employees or employee household members are not eligible. No purchase necessary.