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The recipe for Irene’s Atchara, a medley of pickled green papaya and vegetables, was handed down to Irene from her mother, Cresenciana, on a hand-written note in a Filipino cookbook. It was a recipe that Irene shared with her family and friends for decades.

Christopher Aguilar, owner of the Portland-based company of the same name, produces this iconic side dish of the Philippines by following Irene’s recipe to the letter. The sweet and sour delicious result is available for purchase in recyclable glass jars at your Market of Choice.

Atchara, which is 100 percent vegan, combines sweet and sour flavors with a satisfyingly crunchy texture. Versatile, the side dish works well with any meal of the day. It’s popular as a side dish to barbecued meats, grilled fish, pork chops and tacos. It even works well as a pickled accompaniment to meats and cheeses on a charcuterie board.

“I admire Market of Choice’s commitment to the local community and support for local products,” says Christopher, whose business is a member of Market of Choice’s MOJO program in support of food entrepreneurs and their start-ups. “I’m excited to continue to learn the business.”

Published On: June 23rd, 2022

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