Vegetarian Recipes

  • Mushroom Tacos with Bend Chipotle Hot Sauce

    Meatless Monday just got a lot more delicious with our local mushroom tacos! This outstanding mix cooks up in minutes and can be used for much more than tacos, such as creamy enchiladas, crisp tostadas and spicy fajitas. Add your favorite toppings such as Don Froylan Cotija and De Casa Fresh Salsa to make this your new go to vegetarian meal.

  • Mushroom Galette

    Mushroom tarts are easy to make and a delicious way to use the wide variety of mushrooms available to us in Oregon.

  • Honey Cider Knish

    There’s nothing we love more than a warm knish pastry filled with potatoes, sauerkraut and cheese.

  • Elevated Seven Layer Dip

    Everyone loves a delicious seven-layer dip, and we just had to make ours with some tasty twists.

  • Royale Bundt Cake

    It's our birthday! And, it just wouldn't be complete without the cake. Our Royale Bundt Cake is a delicious new cake recipe crafted by our top bakers just for you. It's the gift that keeps on giving. Cheers to 44 years!

  • Eggplant Sandwich

    This warm sandwich serves up deep flavors of summer, with lightly grilled bread dripping with pesto, layers of soft eggplant and fresh roasted peppers all topped with melted mozzarella and lots of fresh basil.

  • Roasted Pepper, Chevre & Heirloom Tomato Pizza

    This pizza just bursts with fresh garden flavors like warm roasted bell peppers, heirloom tomatoes, minced garlic, and lots of bright basil and parsley.

  • Lemon & Ricotta Berry Pancakes

    Fluffy, lightly sweetened lemony pancakes covered in fresh berries - yes please! These are fast, easy and soon to be your new favorite morning recipe.

  • Spring Greens & Pesto Vegan Pizza

    We offer many vegan foods here at Market of Choice, and we love making delicious recipes with them. This pizza is made on our house MoC pizza dough and topped with a tasty vegan pesto, vegan ricotta and parmesan cheese, and lots of bright spring greens.