Eggplant Sandwich

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Eggplant Sandwich

This warm sandwich serves up deep flavors of summer, with lightly grilled bread dripping with pesto, layers of soft eggplant and fresh roasted peppers all topped with melted mozzarella and lots of fresh basil. Add fresh tomatoes and grilled onions or other vegetables as desired.

Serves: 2
Difficulty: easy
Prep time: 15 min
Cook time: 15 min
Diet: vegetarian


4 slices artisan bread (large sandwich loaf) brushed with olive oil
¼ c extra virgin olive oil
Pinch each salt and pepper
1 small sliced and grilled eggplant (brush with olive oil)
1 ea red and yellow peppers
4 oz pesto
3-4 mozzarella slices (about ¼ lb)
Fresh basil, roughly torn


Preheat grill. Toast bread (grill) lightly with olive oil. Set aside. Grill bell peppers until charred all over and blistered. Remove from grill and cover tightly in bowl with plastic wrap or container with tight lid. When cool enough to handle, slide skins and seeds off of peppers in to cold water. Slice pepper flesh into thick strips. Meanwhile, brush eggplant slices with olive oil all over generously. Grill eggplant until very soft; set aside and add pinch of salt and pepper. Top bread with 1 oz. of pesto on each slice, add grilled eggplant and peppers, top with mozzarella and melt (close grill cover) briefly. Serve with lots of fresh basil leaves sprinkled over the top, adding top slice of bread.