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Localvores keep it close to home

We all know food tastes best when it’s fresh. There’s nothing like the bite of an apple plucked from the tree or the crunch of a carrot shortly after it’s pulled from the loamy earth. Fruits and vegetables harvested at the peak of ripeness not only taste great, but they’re full of nutrients.

Doesn’t it make sense, then, to eat foods grown and made close to home, whenever possible? That’s the philosophy that comes with being a localvore. In general, those who strive to be localvores believe that buying local is better for you and the environment and keeps your dollars close to home. It’s the idea and act of purchasing food that comes from local farms and food producers, as well as growing or raising your own food.

Some localvores eat locally sourced foods exclusively – meaning food grown or produced within 100 miles of home – often making exceptions for spices, coffee and other goods that cannot be grown or produced close to home.

How do we define local?

At Market of Choice, our local designation is defined by the farmer, rancher, fishmonger or maker’s ability to deliver to our markets and return home in time to enjoy dinner with their own family. Depending on the store, you’ll discover around 7,000 products that come from local food and beverage producers. That’s a lot of local products!

Our local programs and partners

Our Dig Local farm-to-table program is one of our many efforts to cultivate a stronger food community. We partner with local farmers, bringing in unique produce for you to enjoy throughout the seasons.

We also pride ourselves on offering high-quality choices with our Block & Blade program. Through reliable partnerships with local food producers, we ensure that we can provide premium provisions that our customers can count on every day, from beef and lamb to poultry and pork, as well as seafood.

Through our Mojo and Amplify programs and through meaningful partnerships, we support local makers by providing guidance, development support, targeted funding, distribution solutions and amplification. It’s all part of our Working with Purpose commitment.

How you can shop local every day

We make it easy for customers to shop local, eat local and support local makers. If you’re looking to add more local products to your cart, you can narrow your search for online specials before you shop by clicking on the local attribute and be sure to look for the local icon in our stores.

In addition to providing shelf space for local makers, we enjoy sharing their stories with you in a way that connects you to the people who make the foods you consume. We even devote a special section of our website to local makers.

It’s also important to know that when you shop with us, you’re supporting an independent, family-owned business that employs 1,400 Oregonians who care about the communities where we live and work. Thank you for supporting us!

Published On: March 17th, 2021

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