Custom Cakes

A casual stroll past the bakery case is all it takes to see how delightful our custom cakes can be. From baby births and first birthdays, to weddings and retirement parties, a cake from your Market of Choice Bakery  will make that special moment just a little sweeter.

When the occasion calls and you’re ready to order a specialty cake, our Bakers are ready. Here are a few things to keep in mind when ordering or picking up a custom cake from your Market Bakery.

Commitment to Quality

Market of Choice Bakers source local flour and other ingredients that are made locally, fairly traded and sustainably produced. While other grocery store bakeries use lard and shortening in their baked goods, our Bakers use real butter, real sugar, real vanilla (no imitation extract here), high-fruit content fillings and all-butter icings.

Specialty Cakes on-hand

Along with any birthday party or event comes the possibility of things not going as planned. Sometimes special occasions come up at the last minute and you need a cake, fast! For these reasons, Market of Choice Bakers do their best to keep a variety of custom cakes, in classic varieties and standard décor, on-hand. And, there’s never a charge for writing a personal message on any custom cake. Specialty cupcakes are also kept on-hand. Swing by the bakery case and look for these flavors: Chocolate Lovers, Lemon Burst, Carrot and Raspberry Poppyseed.

How to Order a Custom Cake

Our Bakers are dedicated to making your cake the way you like it, and will even take requests for custom designs including sculpted and 3-D cakes. If you have a custom design in mind, bring a photograph, a sketch, or be prepared to describe your vision with detail and they will do their best to make it a reality.

Be sure to schedule a consultation for custom cake orders at least two weeks in advance. Our Bakers typically need about a week to create your specialty cake. The more notice you give our Bakers the better your experience will be!

Cake Sizes

Here are a few helpful points about our cake sizes: The top sellers are 8-inch single layer and 8-inch doubles. We also have 6-inch single and double layers available. Fun fact: double layer cakes actually have 3 layers of filling! Singles have one layer of filling. If you’re unsure of what size you will need for your event know that a full sheet feeds 100 people. Quarter sheet feeds 25 people and a half sheet feeds 50 people.

Of course you can always special order medium or large custom design cupcakes to match the theme of your party too.

How to Order a Wedding Cake

Weddings are one of the most exciting events in our lives! With the help of our Bakers, and a few useful tips, choosing your wedding cake will be an exciting experience too.

Be sure to schedule your comprehensive consultation at least two weeks in advance. This is when our Baker will provide you with your own wedding cake packet that includes the history of wedding cakes and samples for tasting. They will also brief you on careful handling of your wedding cake. But, don’t worry, they will also send you home with an instruction sheet! Payment will be collected one week prior to the event.

Here are a few points to consider when ordering a wedding cake: MoC Bakers recommend our core flavors for wedding cakes, as these flavors hold up the best: Chocolate Lovers, Lemon Burst, Carrot and Raspberry Poppyseed. They do not offer whipped cream or custard fillings because these fillings will spoil when left out of refrigeration for long periods of time.

A Short Q & A from Our Bakery

Q: How long can you keep a cake?
A: You can keep left-over cake for up to a month in a freezer.

Q: It’s tradition to eat the top layer of your wedding cake on your first anniversary. Do you have any suggestions for alternatives to this tradition that will be just as special?
A: Yes! Please don’t suffer through freezer-burnt cake on your anniversary! Instead, ask us to recreate the top layer of your wedding cake for you. Simply take a picture of your wedding cake (most photographers will do this anyway), and bring it to our Bakery at least a week before your anniversary.

Q: Why do you always use real fruit in your filling?
A: Our fillings are high fruit-content so they taste like real fruit rather than candy.

Published On: May 9th, 2023

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