Cucumber-Lime Bars

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Light and refreshing, these smooth-as-silk bars are infused with the summery sensations of cool cucumber and lip-smacking lime. A perfect end to any meal.


1¼ c flour *
½ c butter, room temp.
3 T sugar
Preheat oven to 325°. Combine ingredients; mixture will be crumbly. Press into 9×9” pan. Bake until edges are brown. Set aside to cool.

8 egg yolks
½ c sugar
2/3 c Nellie & Joe’s Lime Juice (available in the grocery aisle)
2 T cucumber juice ** (from approx. ½ lg cucumber, peeled)
8 T butter, softened
pinch of salt
1-2 drops leaf-green food coloring


In a small, cool saucepan, mix together egg yolks and sugar. Add lime and cucumber juices to pan and stir to combine. Cut softened butter into small chunks and add to mixture. Add food coloring, one drop at a time, mixing after each drop for a light green coloring.

Over med heat, cook filling, stirring constantly to ensure a smooth texture. Heat mixture until it thickens and coats the spoon/spatula; do not boil. Pour hot mixture over crust and cool completely. Slice into squares and serve.

* To make this recipe gluten-free friendly, use gluten-free flour.

** Use a juicer to extract juice from peeled cucumber, or macerate in a blender and squeeze through a cheesecloth, ensuring that no cucumber chunks make it into the mixture.