White Chocolate and Coconut Cream Cake

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Coconut White Cake

Only eight ingredients go into this light and airy dessert. A creamy coconut and white chocolate filling flecked with lime zest sits atop an almond biscotti crust for a touch of crunch. Perfect for any occasion and a wonderful treat.

Serves: 8-10
Difficulty: easy-moderate
Active time: 40-50 min
Non-active time: 4 hr
Bake time: 12-15 min
Equipment: parchment paper, 9″ spring form pan, food processor, mixer


Crust Ingredients
10 oz almond biscotti cookies*
8 T (1 stick) unsalted butter, melted

Filling Ingredients
8 oz Callebaut white chocolate*
1/2 + 1 1/2 c heavy cream
2 T cold water
1 t unflavored gelatin**
1 lime, finely zested
2/3 c med unsweetened shredded coconut, toasted and cooled


To Make Crust
Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Cut a parchment paper circle to fit the bottom of spring form pan and line the bottom. Break biscotti into food processor bowl and crush to a fine crumb, not powder. Tip into a bowl, add melted butter and mix well to moisten. Transfer mixture to prepared pan, press into bottom and up sides 2″. Consider using a small, flat-bottomed cup to evenly press the crust. Bake 15-18 min, until golden brown and firm. Cool completely.

To Make Filling
Chop white chocolate and set aside. Place 1/2 c cream in a small saucepan. Bring to a gentle boil, then remove from heat. Add chopped chocolate, cover and let sit 5 min. In a separate, small microwavable dish stir together water and gelatin. Set aside to bloom for 3 min. Place remaining cream in a mixer bowl and whip on medium-high speed until soft peaks form. Do not over whip.

Return to chocolate, stir until completely melted, scraping the pan with a spatula. Microwave gelatin for 15 sec to melt. Add hot gelatin and lime zest to chocolate; mix well. Cool for 5 min.

Place approx. 1/4 of whipped cream into the melted chocolate mixture and fold to combine. Gently add the chocolate mixture back into the whipped cream bowl; add toasted coconut, reserving some for garnish. Fold until combined. Spoon filling over crust and refrigerate 3-4 hr to set.

To serve, gently release the spring and remove the pan ring. Remove parchment circle and transfer cake to serving platter. Garnish with reserved coconut and serve.

* Biscotti Brothers Bakery’s Almond Biscotti and Callebaut white chocolate are both available at your Market Bakery.

** The gelatin is used to stabilize the white chocolate and coconut cream. This recipe can be made without the gelatin by whipping the heavy cream to firm peaks, however the end result will be softer. It will affect only the texture but not the flavor of the cake.