Brie & Pear Puff Pastry with Balsamic Syrup

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Brie and Pear Puff Pastry

These puff pastries will knock everybody’s socks off at your next fall harvest party, guaranteed. The pairing of our House brie with fresh pears and a balsamic glaze is unforgettable.

Serves: 4
Difficulty: easy
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 15 minutes
Diet: vegetarian


1 sheet (8 oz) puff pastry, thawed
¼ c pear preserves, such as Girl Meets Dirt Pink Bartlett
1/3 lb MoC House Brie, sliced
1-2 ripe pears (Bartlett or other)
2 T honey, such as PDX Nectar Meadowfoam
1 egg, beaten
2 t aged balsamic sauce for finishing


Preheat oven to 400°. Thaw puff pastry sheet and cut into 4 equal squares. Place on parchment-lined sheet pan. Place 1 T preserves in center of each square; top with brie slices, dividing among four squares.

Wash and cut pear away from core; slice pear thinly and add 4-5 slices to each pastry square. Drizzle pears with very warm honey.

Bring two opposite corners of pastry square up to meet each other and twist to close over center of pears/brie. Repeat with all pastry. Brush well with egg wash. Bake 15 min, until puffed well and a deep golden. Serve drizzled with a sweet balsamic syrup condiment (such as Nonna Pia’s).